/4 Things To Check Before Hiring A General Contractor

4 Things To Check Before Hiring A General Contractor

Planning, budgeting and completing a construction project can take a lot of work. A general contractor can make your job a whole lot easier – but there are a few important things to think about when looking for the right one.

Are They The Right Fit?

Have they taken on this kind of project before? The same person who did a commendable job on a previous customer’s remodel might not be the best option to take on a long term new build.

Once you’ve found a contractor you should contact previous clients to see how they found the service provided.

Checking out different contractors and their respective bodies of work will give you a good grasp of their style and areas of expertise. Looking into their careers to date will also bring up any complaints or actions brought to said contractor and how those disputes were resolved.

Are They Reputable?

While you’re making sure your contractors’ craftsmanship is up to scratch you should make sure their insurance and documents are up to date. Go to the Denver Community Planning and Development page to see the requirements needed to acquire licensing for a Denver general contractor.

If they are working out of Denver, and have their contractor’s license, they will have first obtained a supervisor certificate for the work to be performed. There is a full list of a general contractor’s licenses on denvergov.org.

A general rule of thumb when it comes to sniffing out a good contractor is to broaden your search. Get quotes from at least three different options. Make it a priority to thoroughly read any contract you are given before signing.

How Does The Plan Look?

You should sit down and discuss your plans from the ground up with your chosen contractor before any fees are agreed or contracts signed. Work on your home is obviously very important to you personally.

You are in the driving seat when it is your project. When going over your ideas your contractor should be able to come up with the means to accomplish your goals. When any particular ideas are too outlandish they should give you a constructive solution.

Will They Work With You?

This initial conversation will give you an idea of what it will be like to work with this person. Remember that you will be spending a long time and a lot of trust with them. If it seems they’re not fully invested in your goals it might be best to look elsewhere.

You need to establish a relationship with your contractor. Customer service is important, and it’s a good idea to refer back to those past reviews for further reassurance. Willingness and genuine enthusiasm to realize your ideas is crucial.

There are a number of reputable and well regarded general contractors in Denver. Use recommendations, reviews and background checks before making contact with at least three. Stage follow up talks with each of them to nail down that relationship and your expectations. They are the professionals but you are paying them!