/Mansard Loft Conversion- What you Should Know

Mansard Loft Conversion- What you Should Know

Transforming your loft space into a new home office, bathroom, bedroom or any other kind of extra living space requires you to make lots of decisions, from window treatments to insulation to layout and décor. However, the most important decision is to consider the type of loft conversion to be made. Sometimes, loft conversions may require remodeling the structure of your property. One example is Mansard loft conversion.

The initial concept was introduced in the 17th century by French architect Francois Masart. Over the years, his space-creating design was adapted, but it has remained true to the original concept. It involves creating an extension that sits across the entire roof. The Mansard loft conversion is only applicable to pitched roofs and it creates a vertical looking profile to one side, which is usually the rear. The biggest benefit that homeowners can enjoy with a Mansard conversion is all the extra space they can get through it.

When one of the pitched sides is raised, the attic space can be transformed immediately into a spacious living area, almost like the property already had an extra room. This provides homeowners with an excellent opportunity of creating a spare bathroom, a guest bedroom, a leisure area or a home office. Plus, you can also give a huge boost to the value of your house. The best thing about a Mansard conversion is that it is suitable for semi-detached and detached properties, along with terraced housing. Therefore, it is one of the most popular loft conversions in the market.

However, it should be noted that Mansard conversions can also be a bit more costly than other types of conversions. But, you can easily get competitive pricing for it because of their popularity. Plus, they can give you an excellent return, which makes them worth the expense.