/Benefits of Honey with CBD Being a Healthy Food and A Sweetener

Benefits of Honey with CBD Being a Healthy Food and A Sweetener

Honey alone is said to be a natural antibiotic and a healer, which can solve many health-related problems like gastrointestinal issues, helping in fighting against virus and fungi. Hence, honey is said to be an allrounder that helps fight against many diseases.

CBD on the other hand has a long list of medicinal uses. It has helped people solve problems like nausea, depression, pain, and many more. It has very few intoxicating effects. Hence, a combination of honey and CBD can help to make lots of superfood.

What is CBD Honey?

It is nothing, but honey infused with hemp, marijuana, cannabidiol isolate. The main reason behind this combination is that honey is mixed with cannabinoids such as CBD to create a superfood hybrid out of these two.

This mixture is created by two different methods called extraction into honey or direct infusion. Direct infusion is simple where the cannabis plant is ground with honey directly and is heated up until the whole cannabis plant is dissolved in it.

Another method named extraction is a little tedious as the extraction is done using ethanol, hydrocarbon, or carbon dioxide. Once this is done it is mixed with the honey.

The third method is DIY, which is almost the same as a direct infusion, but instead of heating on the stove, it is heating using direct sunlight. The only problem here is that the ground mixture with honey is kept in the windowsill for about three to six months. Therefore, a lot of patience is required in this method.

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Is CBD honey sticks legal?

Yes, this falls under the legal grey area where you do not have to worry about buying it. This product contains less than 0.3% of THC. So, any product made from this is legal in any state.

For consumers who wish to buy this product has to check with the companies, if it has heavy metals, pesticides, or any other chemicals added to the product. So, every company selling this product has to be transparent with all the ingredients mentioned in the label itself.

Also, many companies do not even use high-quality honey. Hence as a consumer, you need to check the quality of honey used in them. Some may also claim that they have used raw or unheated honey to make this product as it is said that over-processed honey can degrade the component of digestive enzymes in the honey, which is very important to increase digestion in the human body.

Overall honey has anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, anti-oxidant benefits which are the same as that of CBD. Hence, they together can help with anxiety, pain, stress, sleep, inflammation, and other neurological disorders.